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Bluvium Named Salesforce Approved Billing Partner

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

Bluvium, a leading provider of business solutions and services, has announced that it has become a Salesforce approved Billing Partner. In becoming a Salesforce approved Billing Partner, Bluvium joins a select group of companies authorized by Salesforce to implement their Billing solutions. This recognition is a significant milestone for the company, positioning Bluvium as a top choice for businesses seeking to streamline their sales and revenue operations.

Nish Rawat, CEO of Bluvium, commented, "Being recognized as a Salesforce approved Billing Partner is a great honor for us. We are committed to providing our customers with the best-in-class solutions and services, and this new Billing implementation partnership with Salesforce will allow us to continue delivering on that promise."

Matt Southard, Controller at GoGuardian, praised Bluvium's implementation of Salesforce Billing, stating, "Bluvium managed the engagement effectively and efficiently, demonstrating great resourcefulness to learn about the product and various implications for both deal desk processing, billing/AR, and accounting. This was top-notch support and service and one of the best implementation projects I've worked on so far in my career. With Salesforce Billing, we expect to see benefits such as reduced billing errors, improved billing accuracy, faster invoicing, and a more streamlined revenue management process overall."

With Salesforce Billing, businesses can enjoy improved billing accuracy and compliance, streamlined revenue recognition, and enhanced customer experience. Companies can also automate their billing processes, resulting in greater efficiency and faster collections.

Bluvium's global presence includes teams across the USA, Canada, and India, allowing the company to provide comprehensive support and solutions to customers worldwide. The company looks forward to continuing its partnership with Salesforce and enabling businesses of all sizes to streamline their revenue operations, achieve greater efficiency, and drive financial growth.

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