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Bluvium Partners with to Revolutionize CPQ Solutions

Image depicting the collaboration between Bluvium and to enhance Lead to Cash solutions with advanced configuration and pricing capabilities, driving business growth and operational excellence.
Bluvium Partnership

Bluvium, a leading provider of Salesforce solutions specializing in Lead to Cash implementations, is excited to announce its partnership with as a Launch Partner. This strategic alliance underscores Bluvium's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions and services that drive business growth and operational excellence.


Founded in 2015 and headquartered in San Ramon, California, Bluvium has established itself as a trusted advisor in the Salesforce ecosystem, providing comprehensive solutions that help organizations streamline their business processes. The company's deep expertise in Salesforce Revenue Cloud, including CPQ and Billing, positions it uniquely to leverage's advanced configuration capabilities., an advanced configuration, pricing, and guided selling engine, complements Bluvium's offerings by enhancing the power, flexibility, and efficiency of the Salesforce platform. This partnership aims to deliver more robust and scalable solutions to meet rising customer experience expectations and complex needs of businesses.


Through this collaboration, Bluvium and are set to offer clients enhanced capabilities in configuring, pricing, and quoting processes, making it easier for sales teams to close deals faster and with greater accuracy. This initiative not only strengthens Bluvium's portfolio of services but also aligns with its mission to facilitate digital transformation and maximize ROI for its clients.


For further details on Bluvium's services and its strategic initiatives, you can visit their official website here. For more information on, please explore their solutions and how they integrate with Salesforce systems.

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