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Compliance Made Simple

Operationalize privacy compliance and data security on Salesforce with the most comprehensive suite of products.

We partner with PlumCloud Labs to provide solutions that help companies meet their data privacy obligations as mandated regulations such GDPR and CCPA. PlumCloud’s comprehensive Data Privacy Application enables companies to achieve GDPR/CCPA compliance in Salesforce within a matter of few hours.



Create Personal Data Inventory and conduct DPIAs

The success of privacy programs requires thorough data inventory and risk assessment. However, most organizations end up overlooking pockets of data and struggle with manual processes and spreadsheets.
Our Personal Data Inventory product is designed to automate and streamline DPIA and enterprise data inventory flows. Make it easy for your organization to have an accurate data inventory and clear risk assessment.


Automate Data Portability, Right To Be Forgotten (RTBF) and other Subject Access Requests (SAR)

Most organizations are seeing an increase in privacy right requests. Trying to meet these requests manually is inconsistent, error-prone, and increases the risk of non-compliance.
Our Privacy Rights Automation product enables self-service and automates all privacy rights related activities. Mitigate the risk of non-compliance with a standardized and error-free solution.


Solve consent fragmentation with an enterprise-wide consent and communication preference repository

Customer opt-out preferences are often not shared across Marketing, CRM, and other apps. This causes an inconsistent brand experience and violates privacy and anti-spam laws.
Our Consent Management product is a unified repository build in Salesforce to address this challenge. Deliver a better brand experience and avoid fines.


Limit breach exposure by reducing your data footprint

If data is the new oil, then old and irrelevant data is the dirty sludge. It increases breach impact and storage cost. Under most privacy laws, it is also a violation.
Our Data Minimization & Retention product automates the secure disposal of Salesforce information. Reduce your data footprint, breach impact and free up storage.


Drive transparency and audit-readiness in your privacy disclosures

Privacy laws mandate disclosures that are clear and consistent. Organizations often end up with make-shift solutions that don't do this well. It increases the risk of non-compliance.
Our Policy & Notice Management product brings order to the chaos of managing privacy notices. Reduce risk and drive transparency with a standardized and audit-ready solution.


Protect your organization and mask/erase sensitive data from your sandboxes

Salesforce sandboxes carry real production data. Often, developers or contractors have excessive data access in sandboxes. This increases the risk of exposing personal information (PI) and data breaches. 

Our Sandbox Data Masker product masks or erases all personal and sensitive information. Mitigate the sandbox data privacy risk with an automated and consistent process.

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