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Revenue Cloud Health Check


  • 6-8 deep dive sessions with key business and IT stakeholders to understand the current processes, technical implementation, challenges and future roadmap

  • Comprehensive review of: 

    • CPQ including a review of the Product offerings, Pricing, Discounting and Approvals

    • CLM including review of Order form other contracting documents and then Contract Management overall

    • Billing including a review of the Tax calculation, Invoicing and Payment integration to offer an efficient end to end Opportunity to Cash flow

  • Thorough review of a Full-Copy sandbox by our Solution Architect

  • Presentation and review of the findings and draft recommendations


  • Revenue Cloud Health Check Report with detailed information on what to fix and why

  • Best practice recommendations, including suggestions for process/offering updates and technical changes to the system


  • 4-6 weeks

Revenue Cloud  Optimization:

  • Work with the business and technical teams to simplify business processes and offerings, where possible

  • Address the biggest pain points for business

  • Focus on future roadmap to ensure the system can scale and be supported easily

  • Move towards using core features of CPQ and Billing for New deals, Expansions, Upgrades and Renewals

  • Review data and do data migration/conversion where needed to support simplified processes and systems


Revenue Cloud Health Check Form

Please fill the form below for our experts to perform a Health check on your Salesforce org to make suggestions on optimising your system.

Thanks for your enquiry. We will get back to you ASAP or sooner!

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